“When the East is in the House, Oh, My God “Danger!” The 1996 classic hit single that first introduced the world to the DJ/Producer/engineer and second half of the rap group Blahzay, Blahzay, DJ P.F. Cuttin. Crowds have seen and continue to see P.F. Cuttin spin live in various clubs and bar lounges in New York City and all over the world. He also has spinned for several Vans, Stress, Source, Vibe , Frank 151 Magazine parties held in Brooklyn and Manhattan. From East New York, P.F. credits the borough of Brooklyn for making him the producer and DJ he is. Considered to many a mixtape legend. Constantly with his ear on the street, PF provided a mixtape every few months from 1994-2002. Numbered 1-50 and are considered classics.Sortly after he continued to create mixes of current hiphop and for known and unknowned artist, they were no longer numbered, just titled.


• In 1997, PF Was the first of the 5 Deadly Venoms DJ’s on Tony Touch’s mix tape titled “ 5 Deadly Venoms.” As teenage friends, Pf also gave Tony Touch his dj name.

An international DJ tearing down Amsterdam, London, and Canada since 1997, PF has been spun in every country in Germany and has been on two Marlboro Tours entertaining crowds over 7,000. Spinning everything from Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B and classic old school,new school as well as top 40 music. PF utilizes his countless crates of records for his creativity and material, but he also relies on his instinct. “ My ear is always on the street.” that‘s because he is from there, and its already a known fact that everything fly comes from the ugliness of the ghetto. Stress Magazine reviewed one of his mixed tapes and said “ PF Cuttin comes through and bigs up genuine rap music. Halloween Havoc: Hip Hop ..38 is no R&B zebra music. Respect runs to PF Cuttin for emphasizing scratching and being a contributor to rap, instead of a vulture.”
With a fully functional studio “The WAX MUSEUM”. PF is continuously banging out joints for rap artist using his priceless grimy hip hop experiences and techniques along with today’s advanced modern music technologies.

• 1995 Mercury Records releases Blahzay Blahzay single “Danger” produced by P.F. Cuttin selling over 325,000 copies. That was followed by the next single “The Pain I Feel” and the album titled Blah, Blah, and Blah, in which PF produced all thirteen tracks.
• “ Danger” The Remix (Mercury Records) also produced by PF Cuttin featured Blahzay Blahzay with the deadly combinations of Smooth the Hustler and Trigger the Gambler in 1996.
• 1996 “NO” was another slaming remix he did for Chuck D of Public Enemy MERCURY RECORDS.
• 1999 Game Records releases classic Blahzay Blahzay maxi single “F.R.N.’s/Good 4 Your Club” produced by P.F. Cuttin. Record sold over 15,000 copies.
• 1999 produced the lead HIT single “RAPGAME” for the German rap group MASSIVE TONE. Over 240,000 copies sold.
• 2000 Produced the underground hit The Polo Rican (Game Recordings) for Thirstin Howl III selling over 15,000 copies.
• 2000 Produced the Heltah Skeltah single “ Crab Inn/Cacagosavixen” (Duckdown) Distributed by Fatbeats.
• Also worked as a fill in for DJ Stretch Armstrong on the Famalam Show on 89.9 several times in 2000.
• Boriqua’s Bond, Motion Picture and soundtrack released summer 2000 also featured Thirstin Howl III song. The Polorican produced by PF Cuttin.
• 2000 P.F. produced & released more Blahzay Blahzay 12” Banga’s “Buzy Blahzay” /Ice Grills”. Distributed through Fatbeats selling over 8,000 copies with no promotion.
• Produced the Tony Touch hit “Freak Ya” feat. Greg Nice, which helped him land a deal with Tommy Boy Records.
• Was guest Dj 2 times for NYC’s Hot 97 (WQHT) the morning show. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, PF and Ed Lover did not get along.
• Has co -produced several reggae hiphop songs with Reggae super producer Bobby Konders.
• 2001 Produced the hit single “ Dreams of Fuckin a Cartoon Bitch” which is the lead single off of Thirstin Howl III ‘s new album SERIAL SKILLER.
• 2001 Produced a song on the upcoming solo album from Bald Head Slick (GURU) song entitled “Niggas Know” and it features Treach of Naughty by Nature. Distributed by Landspeed Records
• Released the mixtapes “AGALLAH Da Mixtape Iz da Album” in 2001 and “SHOW UP” Agallah & Ike Eyes in 2002.
• 2002 produced 2 songs for the popular hiphop German group”Massive Tone” ..hit 7 in the Pop Charts in Europe.
Over 400,000 copies sold.
• Appeared on B.E.T the basement for 3 shows (OCT 23, 25, 28th 2002) with FatJoe, Eric Sermon, and Tigger.
• 2003 Released the incredible Sean Price mixtape “Donkey Sean Jr.”
• 2004 Produced 2 songs for the Sean Price (Ruck from Heltah Skeltah) album Monkey Bars- (KOCH-DUCKDOWN)
• 2004 Recorded, mixed & produced 4 songs for the PEVERTED MONK..AFU-RA Album
• 2005 Recorded, mixed & produced 3 songs and mixed the whole Afu-ra Album “State of the arts” on Decon..lifeforce records
• 2006 Recorded, mixed & produced the lead single for Masta Killa’s album “Made in Brooklyn” entitled “It is what it is” featuring Raekwon & Ghostface.
• 2007 Produced the song entitled “Intro” for Sean Price album “Jesus Price”
• 2008 Started the new mixtape series EastNYRadio. A total of 18 episodes are available. Due to the success of the series, it quickly turned into a live internet radio show with co-host Sean Price and Millz Murda in 2012 which still airs today.
• 2009 Recorded, mixed & produced and released “Bronsonmania” and “Sick Wit The Flow” for internet sensation Action Bronson.
• 2010 Produced the banger “Priceless” for the group Timeless Truth.
• 2011 Released his 1st studio album with various artist
entitled “Past & Present”. A combination of songs he recorded at the world famous D&D Studios in the 90’s, along with songs done at his current studio.
• 2011 Produced an alternate version with no samples of the classic hit “DANGER” now titled “When We In The House” for the movie “The Sitter”
• 2011 Recorded, mixed & produced the hit single “1000 Pounds” for the artist Labba, it features Action Bronson & Ike Eyes.
• 2012 Recorded, mixed & produced the 8 song ep entitled
“Blunts Bongs Bitches” for the artist Labba.
• 2012 Recorded, mixed & produced the bangers “Classic Material” and “New York Where You At” for Meyhem Lauren on the “Self Induced Illness” Album.
• 2012 Recorded, mixed & produced the banger “Ruben Blades” for Sean Price.
• 2012 Recorded, mixed & produced the lead single for Masta Killa’s album “Selling my Soul” entitled “Things aint the Same” and mixed the whole album.
• 2013 Mixed and released the banging mixtape hosted by Premo entitled “H Stax The Honorable”
• 2013 Recorded, mixed & produced the song “Fei Long” for
the artist Sean Price.
• 2013 Recorded, mixed & produced the song “Random” featuring Guilty Simpson & Sean Price for the Tony Touch release The Piece Maker 3: Return of the 50 MC’s.
• 2014 Recorded, mixed & produced “Kurt Rambis” for
the artist Sean Price.
• 2014 Produced the banger “So Raw” for Jeru the Damaja released on Hedspinn records.
• 2014 Recorded, mixed & produced “Niggerific” for
the artist Sean Price.
• 2014 Recorded, mixed & produced 2 songs for the artist
Labba entitled “Labba Ranks” & “Nice To Meet Ya” featuring
Illa Ghee & B Rutland.
• 2015 Recorded, mixed & produced the song “#4NoReason”for the artist Sean Price.
• 2015 Recorded, mixed & produced the song “The Return of The Masta Kill” Masta Killa featuring Capadonna & Young Dudas.
• 2015 Recorded, produced and is executive producer for the album and mixtape “Songs in the Key of Price” out aug.21st
on Duckdown records.

• 2016 Produced mixed and excutive produced the album “FROM ASHESTO KINGDOM COME” released in Feb. for the artist TRUTH on ILL ADRENALINE records. It was the number 1 top seller for Feb-March underground hiphop charts.

• 2016 released the mixcd “ILLAMATIC” with recording artist ILLA GHEE.

• 2016 produced & released the INSTRUMENTALS TO THE SONGS IN THE KEY OF PRICE.

• 2016 Produced, mixed and released the song BENEATH THE PLANET APES and formed a new group with Legendary rapper O.C. called O.P.M. (Oc Pf Cuttin Music)

• 2017 Produced and mixed the song “THERAPY” for Masta Killa featuring Redman and Methodman available at Adult Swim or thru Billboard.

• 2017 When not touring, you can catch Pf Cuttin every Thursday night 8-10pm on his internet hiphop show EastNYRadio, available on Ustream, Mixlr app, soundcloud, youtube, chewtv and mixcloud. Nominated the best hiphop show that is not on real radio.